Lillian Batchelor

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2023 Participant · Children · Picture Book

Lillian  Batchelor
Lillian Batchelor

About the Book:

“In a world full of people trying to be the best, it’s easy to feel like you don’t fit in with the rest.” Everyone Wears a Crown is an inspiring story for young girls that promotes the importance of embracing inner beauty. Girls are exposed to exponential influences that can positively or negatively impact the views of self image. Sharing the idea that ethnicity, body type, physical ability, or background does not define body image universally conveys that all are born beautiful. This poetic inspirational story is meant for anyone looking to embrace their quirks and proudly wear their own crown.

About the Author:

Lillian Batchelor is a sixteen year old author and illustrator writing her debut children’s book. Everyone Wears a Crown contains an inspirational message charging young girls to embrace common and uncommon personal attributes. As a young woman growing up in the age of social media, Lillian writes a story that celebrates self worth in one's unique differences. Experimenting with poetry and literary styles, Lillian creates a children’s book that expresses the beauty of individuality. Lillian is currently a part of her high school International Baccalaureate program and involved in various youth organizations that promote inclusivity in her South Texas community.

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  • Everyone Wears a Crown

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