James H. Herring

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2023 Participant · Mississippi · Non-Fiction · Memoir

James H. Herring
James H. Herring

A new historical memoir, The Switcher, by Canton, Mississippi native Jim Herring, recounts his political career in both the Mississippi Republican and Democratic parties, shedding new light on both parties’ century-long struggle to hold on to Mississippi’s political preeminence.

“Jim’s story will be valuable to readers now and for years to come,” says Clarke Reed, a chief player on the state and national Republican stage who was Mississippi Republican Party (MRP) State Chairman from 1966-1976. “While The Switcher relates Jim’s fascinating account as a member of both parties, it is also filled with Mississippi political history from the 1920s through the first decade of the 21st century. What emerges is a new take on state politics that deserves attention.”

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  • The Switcher: Jim Herring and Two-Party Politics in Mississippi

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