Susan Cushman

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2023 Participant · Moderator · Non-Fiction · Essay

Susan Cushman
Susan Cushman

Susan Cushman is author of five books: two novels, John and Mary Margaret and Cherry Bomb; two memoirs, Pilgrim Interrupted and Tangles and Plaques; A Mother and Daughter Face Alzhimer's; and a short story collection, Friends of the Library. She is editor of four anthologies: All Night, All Day: Life, Death & Angels, Southern Writers on Writing, A Second Blooming; Becoming the Women We Are Meant To Be, and The Pulpwood Queens Celebrate 20 Years!. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Susan lives in Memphis with her husband of 53 years. They are both alums of the University of Mississippi. She has not yet seen angels in person, but she has a growing relationship with her guardian angel, who has been with her in at least two near-death experiences. Susan has also been with four family members as they were "crossing over," and writes about one of those experiences in her current book. She is working on another anthology, which will focus on homelessness, hunger/food insecurity, mental/physical health, and incarceration/imprisonment issues for Memphis' most helpless residents.

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  • All Night, All Day: Life, Death & Angels

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