Anthony Thaxton

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2024 Participant · Mississippi · Non-Fiction · History

Anthony Thaxton
Anthony Thaxton

Anthony has won awards as a writer, painter, educator, television director, and filmmaker. Named the 2019 Distinguished Art Alumnus of the Year for Mississippi College, Thaxton's work has been featured in magazines and books, including Love Letters: An Illustrated Courtship and his photographs and videos have been shown on Good Morning America, FOX & Friends, and He filmed, directed and edited the acclaimed documentary Walter Anderson: The Extraordinary Life and Art of The Islander (which won two regional Emmy Awards). He authored and designed the companion book for the documentary. Thaxton co-founded the Institute for Southern Storytelling at Mississippi College where he and Robert St. John mentor students through collaboration on their television programs, books, and films. Anthony produced and directed his latest documentary on the life of beloved writer Eudora Welty. Anthony also designed the Eudora companion book which he wrote with his wife, Amy, the Executive Director of the Institute. He also has written two new books being released by Whitaker House press this fall: Unfailing and The Doodle Devotionals. Anthony is proud to tell encouraging Mississippi stories through writing, art, television, and film. He lives in Raymond.

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