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Authors Alley

More than 80 authors and artists are positioned to sell their most recent works in large tents along Mississippi Street and N. West Street.

  • Richard AllisonHealers or Dealers  
  • Tanisha Bankston, My Pain is My Power
  • Linda Carroll Barnes, The Last Good Light: A Southern Memoir
  • Lillian Batchelor, Everyone Wears a Crown
  • Cindy A. Bell, I Love You, Fiorella, Flaws and All!
  • Jennifer Biard, Blessed Side of Broken
  • Anita Blount, A Lovely Condition
  • Binyoka Booth, B.U.I.L.D. Sis Awaken the Builder in You
  • Bonita Branch, Blurred Path
  • Marquies Byrd, Woman R.I.S.E
  • Jack Caldwell, Brother of the Bride
  • Imani Campbell, My Classroom Bill of Rights
  • Tarsha Chambers, Intentional: Excellence Is Not an Anomaly
  • Linda Kay Chandler, Linda Kay’s Book of Poetry
  • Carolyn Coleman, Mama's Book of Prayers, Prayer, Prompts, Power and Praise (2nd Edition) and We Write The Letters That Heal Anthology
  • Mary Evelyn Brown Dees, The Magical Heart of TDog
  • Ann Dickerson, Halloween Magic
  • Adrianna Dunnican, Playtime with Nova
  • Brooks Eason, The Scoutmaster
  • EJ, Plant Based Party!
  • Melanie Faciane-Barnes, Depth of my Soul
  • Dr. Jean Marie Farish, INDIA: A Journey Inward
  • Janet W. Ferguson, Healing Skye
  • Angela Gann, Redbird in the Poppies
  • Victoria Gentry, Beauty a brilliance and Brown Skin
  • Mark Glick, Serpentkind
  • Sherye Green, Surviving Hitler, Evading Stalin: One Woman's Remarkable Escape from Nazi Germany
  • Perry Guy, Fine Feathered Friends
  • Roshunda Harris-Allen, Social Justice: Disrupting the Pipeline
  • Renee Hayes, The Gingerbread Twins
  • Roishina Henderson, Come What May
  • Sarah Hickner, Finding Gideon: A Broken Dream, a Missing Horse, and the Faith of a Mustard Seed
  • Adele Holmes, Winter’s Reckoning
  • Grady Howell, The Button Jar, Memories of my childhood on Back Bay of Biloxi
  • Regena Hoye, Miss Titta Nurse Chloe
  • Michelle Jackson, Poppi Makes Cajun Popcorn Magic: The 10 Step Guide to Building a Successful Food Startup
  • Taylor M. Jennings, Beautiful Wildflower
  • Lakisha Johnson, Almost Destroyed
  • M.A. Joiner, The Three Little Pugs
  • Yvonne Robinson Jones PhD, Genderisms, Decapitated and Smashed Heads: An Analysis of Richard Wright's Major Fiction
  • Ramona Kelly, What Comes Next
  • Nakia Kenyon, Journey to Peace
  • Rosalin Landrews, What's The Connection? A Reflection Guide for Clarity, Self-Preservation, and Empowerment
  • Krissy Long, Watson Goes to the Fair
  • Dr. Carl Bernard Mack, Black Heritage day Journey
  • Tara Marie, Gracie's Journey
  • Dr. Math, Mommy Can I be an Engineer?
  • W. W. McCully, The Tragedy of Janie Sharp - The Mystery Continues: Murder in Rural Hill
  • Clea McLemore, Beautifully Cracked: Remnants from the Soul of a Poet
  • Cathy Melvin, Cypress Knees and Tupelo Trees
  • Merry Miller, Chocolate sneakers
  • Alice Mitchell, Scooter Mouse and the Pothole
  • J.T. Mitchell, Pocket Grammar: 24 Mistakes You'll Never Make Again
  • Sharon Moman, Pardon the Courage to be Set Free
  • Debra Monroe, No Longer the Victim
  • C.G. Mosley, Jackson Nash and the Vector of Peril
  • John Mylroie, The 12th Girl
  • Jewel Noiden, The Tale of the Dingy Handkerchief
  • Vivian O’Neal, Josiah’s Big Day
  • Jerry Palmer, Stoned Words & Electric Flowers
  • Warren W. Patten Jr., Can We Go Out and Play?
  • Leon PatenburgBushcraft Basics: A Common Sense Wilderness Survival Handbook
  • Anita Primrose, The Phoenix Dukes
  • Rufus Rawls, Dream Love
  • Dottie Quaye Chapman Reed, Outstanding Black Women of Yalobusha
  • Chennetta Renae, In My Pain Strength is not Optional
  • Rickquel Rose, Tiny Hungry Troll
  • Thomas Ruffin, The Merciful
  • John Ryland, The Unkindness of Ravens
  • George Sanchez, A Snowball in Summer
  • Milan Sergent, Thirty-Seven-Year Abduction: Memoir of a Gay Mississippi Author Finding himself Again
  • Justin Sherman, Unmasking at Midnight
  • Andrew Snorton, Quotes and Notes: Something’s on the Horizon
  • April Spann, The Social Butterfly: The Adventures of Lucy Blue
  • Glen Stripling, The Song of Jupiter
  • Nola Sunday, Dinosaurs Love Snacks Too!
  • Jordan Riley Swan, Wish Hunter
  • Janne Swearengern, The Yorkie Who Sings at Midnight
  • Sherry Tate, Meet Mason
  • Ron Tew, Hold the Goat
  • Michael Sr., Earnice, Ermya, Michael Jr., Emeri, McKenzie Thompson, Fruits vs Veggies
  • Tia, My Variety Child: A Caleb Book Series
  • Tobey Truestory, Ancient Daze
  • Vincent Venturini, Once We Crowned Royalty: Tales of Downtown and West Jackson
  • WB, Inescapable, A Novel
  • Paula Lenor Webb, Such A Woman
  • Thomas Wiley, Pushmataha: The Forgetten Warrior
  • Dr. Adrienne Williams, An Amazing Miracle
  • Alecia Woodford, Afterglow Effect/man-made motion sickness
  • Amelia Zachry, ENOUGH – A memoir of Mistakes, Mania, and Motherhood